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Strengthen the flour processing quality management, promote the healthy development of the industry

Flour processing quality of wheat flour quality and safety, effective use of resources and energy, as well as safety and health. Recently the product market is chaos, there are many quality problems, therefore, urgent need to be regulated and managed in order to promote the healthy development of the industry.
Flour processing machinery are agricultural products processing machinery will be processed into edible flour of wheat, are indispensable tools in the milling industry. Applied to the country's flour milling enterprises and rural food processing, flour is the national food of the masses of the people, closely related to the national life. Magnetic metal content, the sand content in flour, ash residue, pesticides and other harmful substances, such as health indicators and is closely related to the quality of the flour processing machinery, it can be said that wheat flour, these health indicators fail is due to quality defects caused by flour processing machinery. Because the flour processing machinery complex, transmission parts and controls more, if not for security protection, security of person great harm to the operators and workers. Therefore, flour milling machine is the flour quality and safety, the health and security of the person involved, and inextricably linked to the lives of important industrial products and manufacturing enterprises more and more confusion in the market, product quality varies greatly, to strengthen management of the industry is essential.
Flour processing plant and mill for flour processing machinery can be broadly divided into two broad categories of a single machine. Flour processing equipment mainly used for large, medium and small flour processing plant, production by Nissan to dozens of tons daily capacity of hundreds of tons of flour, mainly of wheat cleaning equipment (such as the screen, stone grinding machine, machine, wash the wheat and other) and flour milling equipment (such as milling machines, powder, cleaning flour machine and so on) made up of two main parts. Mill single machine mainly uses in the vast rural areas of food processing, processing production capacity from hours dozens of kilograms to hundreds of kilograms of flour.



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