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GTD, GTH efficient bucket elevator characteristics and uses

1, GTD and GTH-type bucket elevator with throughput, high lift height, smooth running, long life and other characteristics. For dry bulk material of vertical transmission, can be widely used in building materials, chemicals, coal, power, ports, transport materials in industries such as transport.
2, GTD-type belt type, EP conveyor belts and steel wire rope core belt for traction. GTH-chain type, high strength ring chain for lead a piece, the chain of manufacturing in accordance with GB/T12718-91 of the high intensity round link chain for mine.
This device has two hopper.
DH and BD-type, this is a deep, generally apply to transportation of dry, loose and easy to throw, liquid materials, such as cement, coal, gravel, grain, and other materials.
Ah and ad is a shallow than deep bucket bucket, it applies to less liquidity. Slightly wet material, such as sand, coal, chemicals and other raw materials.
3, the middle of the head and tail of the machine and the case was sealed, very little dust and spills of materials, rarely cause environmental pollution.
4, native to mixed or gravity unloading, dig-feeding.
5, GTH-upper whorl Assembly sprocket, flange joint of high strength steel bolts on the wheel, sprocket worn only need to replace flange, easy maintenance, save raw materials, reducing maintenance costs. Next to a flanged wheel, completely changed the original high cost of double-sprocket, chain and easy removal of defects.
6, GTD-type upper whorl of bevel wheel, the wheel has a self-centring function to avoid conveying belt deviation.
7, this model has the bottom level and speed controller, users can be taken as needed, to achieve the purpose of electric automatic control.
8, tension device on this machine there are two, high lift height is less than 25m model, selection of screw tension, for lifting height is greater than the 25m model, use the gravity tension, special requirements, users please indicate when ordering.



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