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History of Chinese wheat flour milling equipment complete sets of causes of persistent

Wheat processing enterprises in China are of three types of equipment. First is a stand-alone device, that is, a mill, a combination of grain cleaning machine, a typhoon and matching accessories, such as assembling together, in 10T/d wheat following wheat processing equipment. Beginning of reform and opening up, China's vast rural flour processing with this model. Farmers Exchange flour processing, primary production standards of whole wheat flour or powder. Second species is equipment, device than stand-alone more, has wash wheat, except buckwheat or wind selected, cleanup technology, mill machine Taiwan number more, material classification device has Dan Cangping screen or double Kurahei screen, and distribution has check screen, device, technology design comparison perfect, out powder rate also high, can production grade powder, yield General in 100t/d following; third species device is means large and medium-sized flour factory procurement original national food system Sentinel production wheat processing device of professional manufacturers production of professional device, main production grade powder and dedicated powder.
These three devices is better, of course, is obvious. But they are their own strength, had its own market, to solve the food problem has made great contribution to the Chinese people. Until today, the mature market economy development, the three devices still have their own market. China's market is enormous, is of uneven development, a demand of importing high-grade flour milling equipment company also needs small stand-alone small businesses. International markets are mixed, China's small and medium sized flour milling equipment not only meet the needs of home users, but also a large number of exports of Egypt, Sudan, Dan Cameron, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kazakhstan, and other countries and regions. And the volume of exports of small and medium sized flour milling equipment exports much more than large flour mills equipment. Due to a stand-alone machines and complete set of flour milling equipment ratio low, poor-quality powder, high energy consumption, pollution, waste of raw grain and over hundred thousand tons to tonnes of flour enterprise at the level of a large number of production, many industry experts predicted that small and medium sized flour milling enterprises should be eliminated. This conclusion is certainly correct, but that may have to be very, very long, a dozen years or decades.



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