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An operation when abnormal sound

An operation when abnormal sound
(1)elevator bucket  machine base bottom and chain bucket collide, adjust the base elastic device, so that the chain tensioner.
(2) of the driven shaft of the drive shaft, the key to relaxation, displacement sprocket chain-bucket chassis collide. Adjust the sprocket position, the key installed tight.
(3) guide plate and the bucket chain collide, trimming guide plate position.
(4) between the guide plate and the bucket chain there are materials, enlarge Stand Ministry of material input angle.
(5) bearing fails, the operation should replace the bearings.
(6) material blocks or other foreign body at the base of the crust card dead stop foreign body removal.
(7) of tooth sprocket (drive and driven sprockets) errors, fix sprocket tooth or to replace the sprocket.
(8) drive sprocket and chain off the gear is bad, the amendments to the drive sprocket tooth.
(9)the drive chain to idle, adjust the chain length.
(10) cabinet is not properly installed, adjusted chassis length of verticality.

Enhance the capacity of less than design capacity
(1) bonding of the material in the bucket chain and downpipe, according to the bonding degree of periodically clear materials.
(2) lack of capacity of the bucket elevator to the front of the machinery and equipment, caused by material investment less, so that the elevator to reach the design capacity, need to find ways to improve the production capacity of the former machine equipment,
(3) to enhance the slow, need to change the speed ratio of the drive sprocket.
(4) improper material measurement method, or measurement error, check the meter, the proportion of check material, re-amend the calculation method.

The lack of material emissions
(1) the back of the elevator machinery and equipment capacity is small, so that the discharge valve is clogged, the rear of machinery and equipment production capacity.
(2) the discharge opening valve is too small or point of view of the valve is not suitable for correction nesting downpipe.
(3) adhesion of materials in the bucket chain and downpipe, the need to periodically clear the material.

The leakage of gray
(1) cabinet full-length flange Ministry gasket damage or leakage pad replaced with new pads, sealant, and re-tightening the flange bolts.
(2) materials to escape from the nose, the gaps, to increase the seal or sealant.
(3) The height difference of input materials is too large, increasing the pressure of the feed, the need to change the material inputs, increasing the feed buffer.

The motor base vibration
(1) motor rotation is bad, remove the rotor to check static equilibrium.
(2) reducer and the motor mounting accuracy in excess of the specification, re-adjust.
(3) lack of precision motor base installation, level exceed regulatory requirements, re-adjust.
(4) sprocket installed error, need to re-adjust.
(5) drive sprocket tooth is bad, need to be corrected tooth.
(6) drive sprocket tightness inappropriate and should be further adjustment.



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