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Flour machines maintenance and repair

Inspection instrument of management on flour machines are important components of wheat flour quality, will have a direct impact on the quality of work normally. Laboratory inspection and testing of all instruments should establish technical files. Positions corresponding to each instrument should have the appropriate norms and procedures of work and simple troubleshooting. Account of all equipment, calibration (calibration) and plan the periodic table, and set the expert management. Correct use and maintenance of the equipment. Maintenance and operation of the specific points are as follows:
Routine maintenance and calibration on the factors influencing the test results in the maintenance, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, noise, dust, corrosion, and other factors to pay close attention, strictly controlled, reducing errors. To ensure that all instruments work table fixed, flat, comply with the requirements. Instruments after the use all flour should be clean and restore in a timely manner in order to guarantee the smooth progress of the next experiment. Electrical equipment should be installed in line with rated power of separate power switch and has a good grounding line, flour machine and equipment shall be equipped with power supply according to specification requirements.
Use related personnel should learn the appropriate legal instruments, regulations and management systems, all operators should obtain professional qualification or training to operate. Glass instrument management, should always be kept clean and dry, classification and storage. Glassware washing is very important, should normally be guaranteed clean translucent hanging drops. Glassware direct heat should be avoided in General, when you do have to heat, asbestos network slow uniform heating should be used to prevent damage, explosion, caused the accident. Burette cocks site should apply vaseline, and want to use rubber bands to funnel neck, avoid sliding out. Flour machines which can be avoided by wearing, in favour of extending the life of machinery.



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