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Specific measures to reduce elevator bearing damaged

The elevator bucket slightly to use the use of process defects will form the bearing is damaged, and thus to arouse attention, good preparedness tasks. The main factors that cause bearing damage damaged following three points:

Lubrication defects   
 Course in the use of 'maintenance free' bearing (ie, pre-populated with smooth grease sealed bearings), the local does not require thinking about this question, What, then, in premature bearing out effective, there are still 36% is because the parameters are not using smooth agent skills inaccurate or lack of requirements on the content with the use of the breeds. Fails to prevent the consequences are: deficient smooth and accurate bearings will be much use in the expected life before the arrival of out-efficient. Bearing the mortal world is the most difficult to close parts of the machinery, negligence, smooth and often lead to various problems.

Device defect     
About 16% of all premature bearing out effect sparked by the device defective and failed to recognize that using accurate device thing. To be accurate and useful device apart, the differences between devices can demand the use of mechanical, hydraulic or heat way. Help based on their professional engineering skills common sense.

Pollution problems    
 The bearings are fine components, bearings and it's smooth agent can not be away from the pollutants, the bearing can not be a land operation. And preloaded smooth fat forever sex sealed bearing account for only full bearing a small local in all premature bearing out the effect of at least 14% can be attributed to the pollution problem. In the process of the use of bucket elevator, loading materials operation, the material is not to prevent the present floating down the situation, the material will have to adhesions in smooth oil bearing to form a smooth oil thickens to form a bearing locking, fever situation, until the bearing is damaged.



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