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Elevator Bucket maintenance considerations

1, elevator bucket should be empty-load driving. So should come before each stop doing all the material in the hopper, and then stop.
2, cannot be turned back. Reverse chain derailment may occur, troubleshoot your derailment was in trouble.
3, uniform feed. Prohibition of suddenly increase the amount of feed. Feeding amount cannot exceed the transmission capacity of the hoist. Occurs when an otherwise easily lead to accumulation of material at the bottom of a serious "stuffy".
4, timely and adequate supplementary lubrication oil.
5, chain and bucket badly worn or damaged should be replaced in a timely manner.
Elevator Safety Code of practice for
1, Elevator maintenance and managed by a designated officer, key managed by a designated officer of the power switch box.
2, the lifter must be hoisting limiter and stroke limit, limit should be at a distance to the drum or pulley to pulley 300mm used automatically the next time you stop.
3, should have a maximum load of hoist flags, lift, landing weight when overloading is not allowed (1T).
4, after the transmission, check the restrainers hoisting limiter, trip, interlocking safety devices such as switches, motion sensitive and reliable, and try to hang.
5, hoisting, before landing, ring after the warning, before they can drive.
6, elevator and manned up and down is not allowed.
7, after the hoist cradle fell to the ground, and then cut off the power supply, close the top and bottom rails.
8, keep the hoist around environmental health.



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