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Technical parameter of elevator bucket and points for attention

Small hoist is designed in order to meet the demand of vibrating screen, where is the focus of the design of enveloping worm reducer. Using parallel meshing line double enveloping hourglass worm technology, worm gear hobs is the shovel back, grinding, worm gear tooth surface there is no Ridge, exercise does not create interference. Line tools and theories, at the same time it's instantaneous contact angle between line and relative velocity direction stability, and close to 90 degrees. So the worm gear carrying power, stability of dynamic pressure oil culvert balanced transmission, low noise, low temperature characteristics. With good practical and economic value. Design reference for mine hoist drum, compact design. For manipulating the system, because you can buy outside institutions, therefore be ignored.
Elevator safety operation
Safe operation of the mine hoist can, in addition to good performance, its safety is very important. Hoist drivers is one of the special types of mines, good health and a strong sense of responsibility, and must have received technical training and certification examinations made officers. Elevator operation matters needing attention:
(1) before the increase in each class, lifting devices should be carefully inspected, test, learn emergency gate and gate are sensitive and reliable, each part is normal, sign-out can only drive.
(2) during the operation, must be focused, carefully carefully and note the meter reading at any time, depth indicator for indicating location, arrangement of steel wire ropes; the machine voice, unusual, stop immediately find cause, and reported and handled in a timely manner.
(3) enhance the signal is unclear, inaccurate, are not allowed to drive, must ask to identify causes and then perform the operation.
(4) when the following emergencies: emergency stop signals, enhancement of close to the mouth of the container has not been slowing down; there are unexpected failures such as tank; gate or main controller unit failure, emergency brake should be used.
Elevator bucket is mill equipment auxiliary equipment, and supporting the use of vibrating screen is mainly used for vertical lifting after crushing machine of dry clay, plaster, clinker, limestone, coal and other raw materials as well as raw materials, such as cement, pulverized powder materials. According to the operating speed of Hopper's different, bucket elevator can be divided into: centrifugal discharging, gravitational discharging and hybrid discharging three forms.
Design of safety check problem at a given load calibration based on coupled with a safety factor of 1.25 to ensure security. Selection of most of these data under the premise of not violating the design manual to manufacturer requirements as the main basis.



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