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Commonly used screen fixed

Commonly used screen fixed artificial nails, glue and Qigong nail in three ways.

Artificial nails: the use of half an inch or so of the spikes, the cross-sectional area is relatively large, devastating large sieve core and the screen is relatively weak material, nail spacing is generally between 1.0-2.0cm, so it is generally first sieve Gamon layer of canvas (termed spindle tape or ingot bars) in order to increase the contact area to ensure that the screen fixed, this method human factors, spacing larger mesh strain effects from the use of view, could easily lead to screen the core damage and the spindle with the loose, is one of the reasons causing Plansifter string leakage.

Qigong nail: its principle similar to the stapler, but the nails of the material is more robust, the general spacing of 1-3cm, fixed sieve core damage, the drawback is that the sieve openings larger size the screen still covered with spindles to increase the contact area is conducive to a fixed note is that the nails can not sieve core border perpendicular or parallel to, but should be inclined about 45 degrees to ensure that the fixed effect, on the four corners of the screen core To take the partial reinforcement. Buy nails at the same time, be sure to use a coating (caused by) protected by the brass or stainless steel material to prevent water, heat causes corrosion of the the Erzhi screen loose (especially on the standby screen core)

3, the adhesive:

   Binder varieties, model quite complex, from the use of the product of the flour industry.

Mainly synthetic adhesives, such as: epoxy resin, phenolic resin, (modified) rubber, acrylic resin and other types of adhesive, detailed view of space reasons, not only to the characteristics of the adhesive for the flour industry are summarized in the following the following principles:

Components is best to select a single component, so that the operation is more convenient

B, the best quality is the choice of non-toxic food grade

C, dry curing time is best controlled within 20 minutes, the sooner the better, so that to improve work efficiency, but also easy to ensure that the stretching quality

Liquid curing can not be too hard times hard to avoid replaceable screen films residues affect the future of the screen grid and then stick the network.



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