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To improve the competitiveness, flour mill from the following areas to improve technology

 (1), the establishment of new product development for the research and development center of the main business or technology development department, to absorb and train a number of professional and technical personnel such as grain and oil processing, food, breaking the previous technology section of pipe production technology and product quality inspection for the detection of the traditional layout, to accommodate the food industrialization, diversification and grade requirements.

(2) the "total powder Division" role is very important. Total powder Division requires both familiar with and understand the process of wheat quality, market demand for food are more understanding. Flour milling wheat processing chain of intermediaries, what used to be agricultural wheat, flour milling processed flour flour processing wheat flour, what people eat flour. Is wheat industry chain is needs upside down of situation, industry chain needs upside down occurs fundamental change, is a items huge of social engineering, but flour processing this a intermediate links is important, as long as enterprise leader has this area of consciousness, also has total powder Division and the technician of efforts, full can do under different food of quality and the technology needs to select corresponding of wheat and the processing technology, this is food industrialization development made of must requirements, is flour industry development of must trend.
(3) increase the intensity of investment in scientific research, of experimental instruments and equipment purchase, setting up production laboratories, equipment testing and production of necessary experimental, you can check the raw grain and flour quality, or for the development of products, after guiding wheat blending, blending and process improvement to provide the scientific basis.
(4) the extension force, strengthen enterprise technology, and related enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research units to close technical cooperation, weaknesses, and strengths.
(5), let the technician more go-to-market, understand market demand. Targeted development under the prerequisite of understanding market needs is essential.
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