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How to identify bringing a powder machine

Bringing a sensory test of the machine is done by identifying its appearance, smell, taste, and color to determine the quality of flour.
Vision test: take a small amount of flour on hand, scatter light during the day, light observation, normal flour is white or slightly yellow, no noise, not regular flour is white or dark yellow, dark, color is not uniform. Gently press the flour, control directives for the observation of bran, bran and distribution of key and description accuracy does not meet the requirements.
Smell test: normal flour with flour the inherent flavor of the Qing dynasty, such as sour, bitter taste, bad taste, halawei, or other peculiar smell, an unqualified flour.
Taste test: hands pinching a little dry flour placed in the mouth, if there is a gritty, shows high sand content in flour if taste sour, judge the high acidity of the flour.
Taste test the best mature flour food can be tasted, of normal flour made from cooked food starch tasting "fragrance" taste and delicate. As the gritty taste, shows high sand content in flour.
Tactile: the hands a little exertion of flour pinch if flour is a powder, granular, hand pinch release after not agglomerated to determine moisture content in wheat flour medium. If after hand pinched, easy mission, caking, sticky, you can judge the flour with high moisture, heat, easy to heat and mold modification
Some unscrupulous vendors, using detergents as a starter, mixed with flour, due to containing alkali in washing powder and foaming agent, issuing of steamed bread, fried dough is particularly large, particularly white, is very harmful to human health.
From the appearance point of view, mixed with steamed bread, and fried dough sticks special smooth surface of the washing powder, against the light, flashing small particles of visible floating above, this is the fluorescent substances in washing powder. Seen from the texture, yeast, soda, alum given bread, soft texture, open the section after the cavernous, stomata close even, and of bread mixed with detergent, large holes often appear at the section. In addition, the normal fermentation of bread or dough, natural fermentation or fried flavor, abnormal fermentation in taste bland. Immersion in water, mixed with detergent buns more loosely



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