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How to identify the flour is good or bad

Agri-food is a daily necessity, six kinds of nutrients required for human, protein, fat, vitamins, salt, cellulose, water, grain and oil is one of the important sources.
Bringing a powder machine: mainly standard powder, fine powder. Standard gray-pink, whitening white pink, powder, no impurities, hand pinch coarse grain-free, sweet smell with a normal.
Flour quality test provided for in item of ash, sand, magnetic metals, Machining accuracy, weight, water, wheat gluten, fatty acid value, smells, tastes, etc.
Flour ash components in potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, Silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements, flour ash in generally constant.
Sensory identification often gritty sand content, standard value ≤ 0.02%.
Also known as the iron content of magnetic metal, standard value ≤ 0.0038 g/kg.
Weight of the retention provisions in sieve, silk powder on weight, retained as much flour as possible rough.
Accuracy refers to the color of flour and bran, determined by and standard sample contrast.
Free water and water into the flour with water, usually free of water. Flour moisture to maintain and adjust their breath, color, aroma, taste, have an important role. Flour water requirements for the safety of around 12.5%. Poor processing water too low when grinding the flour color and bran content increased significantly, while bran containing powder also increased sharply. If water is too high, less color white flour, Bran, but bad for the storage, easy to heat, mildew, metamorphism, the insect.
Means the gluten in wheat flour gluten, mainly of wheat gliadin is insoluble in water (elongation) and Glutenin (elastic). Flour when making bread, both proteins can wrap the fermentation produces carbon dioxide and water vapour, making bread volume swelling, protein content of wheat in China at around 13%.
100g fatty acid value of free fatty acids in flour with potassium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide (mg). Quality of new fatty acid value of wheat flour milling, modification, and long storage period of wheat flour made of fatty acid value higher, around about 3% crude fat content in wheat.



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