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How to flour milling storage ?

flour milling is a food item, stored in cool, dry and dark place. flour milling has a distinctive character. That is the life of the flour milling has a certain shelf life. Over time if exposed to the Sun will lose their flavor and aroma, that is improper storage conditions are not reduced life of the flour, which will require good storage conditions.
Save on flour milling makes the following several points:
1, ventilation of flour milling in a timely manner is a complex organic systems, there are many microbial respiration, there is a lot of heat dissipation, so you must enable air circulation, making flour milling for use in air.
2, air humidity flour milling water adaptation varies with the ambient temperature and humidity and change their water content, air humidity, higher than equilibrium moisture of flour, the flour milling will absorb the moisture, moisture content increases, and easy caking. Air humidity less, flour milling water content also reduces release moisture into the air. Ideal humidity between about-60%.
3, suitable temperature storage temperature will affect the aging of flour, high temperature, aging more quickly. But temperatures also shorten the shelf life of the flour. flour milling recommended ideal storage temperature of 18 ° c-24 ° c.
4 clean, clean environment reduces the breeding of insects, reproduction of microorganisms, and thus reduce the chance of contaminated flour.
5, does not have the unusual smell of flour milling will absorb smell and storage of materials in the air, so the environment around the storage of flour, does not have the unusual smell.
6, off the wall from the ground in order to have good ventilation, reducing the pollution of damp, reduce vermin and the provisions of the legislation, it is necessary. Stacks should use code plate plastic products, such as when using wood products, be careful wood Thorn, pollution caused.
7, advanced to ensure stability of flour, reduce human caused by flour milling expires.
8, regular cleaning reduces breeding of pests, thus reducing chances of damage caused by pollution, packaging of flour.


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