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Acrylic tube how to distinguish between good or bad quality

 Acrylic tube how to distinguish between good or bad quality

Distinguish between acrylic pipe quality is good or bad has the following main points:

1、Ageing resistance
2、Corrosion resistance
3、Strength, dimensional stability
4、Surface smoothness that is working
5、Impact resistance
6、If it is acrylic produced. These factory manufacturer to determination of parameters.
7、Work raw materials, General solutions aggregate, aggregate size and aggregate size distribution. Process conditions such as temperature control. Mold is also important, of course, relates to the smoothness and dimensional stability.

perspex sheet, commonly known as perspex. It is a thermoplastic with excellent light transmittance. Is methyl acrylic acid methyl ester as the main material, joined the initiators, plasticizers and other aggregates. Polymethyl methacrylate produced very good, through the light of the 99%, and through ultraviolet 73.5%; high mechanical strength, and heat resistance, cold resistance and weatherability good; good corrosion resistance and insulation, and under certain conditions, dimensional stability, easy processing. Disadvantage of PMMA is a crisp texture, easily soluble in organic solvents, surface hardness is not easy to clean the hair. Plexiglass senior architectural mainly for indoor decoration materials and special ceiling lighting or interior partition and transparent protection materials. PMMA transparent colorless, colored glass and colored Pearlescent perspex and other.

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