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cotton sifter pads is a real natural product

When we think cotton, we believe that the cleanliness, purity and comfort. In reality, thetraditional cultivation of cotton is one of the world's most dirty agricultural products, is one ofthe fastest in the world crop damage to the environment.


Unfortunately, almost all of thecotton production is a large and increasingly dependent on pesticides derived frompetrochemicals. Because it is not a food crop, cotton, regular spraying of toxic pesticides and heavier than the cocktail of ordinary crops. In fact, the world 2.5% of all farmland used to grow cotton, but 10% of all chemical pesticides and 22% of the pesticides sprayed oncotton. This means that more than eight times the use of pesticides than other crops, per hectare of conventional cotton.


Heavy metals in the use of pesticides to reduce thebiodiversity, destruction of ecosystems, pollution of water supply. To make matters worse,more and more chemicals to be used as a pesticide exposure in the chemical synthesis ofinsect pests each year to build a resistance. Many of the chemicals used in cotton cultivation is highly toxic. Which at least three the irty dozen - so in fact dangerous in 120countries have agreed to ban them. So far, has occurred and they are still in use, it is estimated that 20,000 people were killed and three million chronic health problems in developing countries every year. In the U.S., it takes nearly one-third pound of chemicals to grow into a T-shirt is enough cotton. It is estimated that less than 10% of the goods for cotton, and carry out their tasks, the rest are absorbed into the plants, air, soil, water, and ultimately our bodies.


Final fabric of nature and natural plant dyes, cotton sifter pads is a realnatural product.

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