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Dust Removal Filter Bags cleaning the main process steps

Dust Removal Filter Bags cleaning the main process steps:
1, cleaning: the use of high frequency vibration, into the wall of the filter bag larger dust particles as clear as possible, and no effect on the tangles of fibers fastness, maintaining good spin off of the filter bag.
2, chemistry experiments: extraction bag samples, professional equipment laboratory testing oil component of the filter bag, thus selecting suitable for washing of raw materials, the maximum cleaning filter bags and filter bags is not causing any harm.
3, cleaning: to select proper proportion, cold water washing of raw materials and strict cleaning, uniform flow, moderate strength, no mechanical damage of the filter bag.
4, dry: around 110 degrees centigrade hot air drying, keep the dimensional stability of the filter bag, bag no distortion, no recoil after drying.
5, repair: abrasion, holes and other damage due to the use of filter bags for repair, guaranteeing a very high recycling rate. 6, testing: the use of instruments on the physical parameters of the filter bag after cleaning, and ensure the required quality cleaning. Through the above process, can fully meet the requirements of the filter bag after cleaning.

Dust bag dust filter bag, high tenacity, little elongation, acid resistance, and characterized by alkalescent, dust filter bag adopts multilateral brushed in the weaving process, increases thickness of fabrics, elastic, Bag filter method using high temperature and high pressure cleaning, dust removal effect is very good. Dust Removal Filter Bags is widely used for milling of cast iron dust in cement plant.

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