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Made of Superfine flour machine advantages

Made of Superfine flour machine advantages
Superfine flour grinding grinding machine is mainly used for general items, such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide red pigment, bentonite, clay and humidity is less than 8%, Mohs hardness below the six levels of ultrafine powders of non-inflammable and explosive materials processing.
, New Superfine pulverizing machine can deliver higher productivity, best product fineness, and easy to control, but with maximum reliability and flexibility, and actually creating more value for users.
Second, the machine is equipped with air conditioners, adjustable air flow sizes, large air volume low fineness, high profile air small fineness to the ideal fineness of continuous production. Fineness: 30-400 adjusted yield and fineness depending on the proportion of the material yield and fineness vary. Worthy of using the host motor can be as large or as small, defined according to fineness of material production.
Three applications, multi-type grinding Chamber, flexible, adaptable
XC new broken machine only be replaced will cone lining plate, and will tooth ring lining plate, broken cavity shaped can from standard Super rough cavity type to short head Super fine cavity type arbitrary transform, another body within has fine degrees Analyzer, will Analyzer Shang of bolt release Hou, up moved fine degrees reduced, and down moved fine degrees rise, adjustable to you by needs of fine degrees, fixed bolt party can production. Adapt to large product size requirements.
IV, consumable low consumption, low running costs
Reasonable structure, principle and technology of grinding parameters of advanced, reliable operation, low running costs; wear-resistant protection of all parts of the mill, to reduce maintenance costs to a minimum, the general use of life expectancy can be increased by more than 30%.
Five, crushing ratio, high efficiency
A combination of high speed and stroke, new Superfine pulverizing machine capacity of rated power and greatly improved, increased ratio of crushing and productivity.
Six alloy wear sharp advanced, reliable, increased service life
Unique design of crushing system, greatly improved the life of equipment. The crushing Chamber adopts principles of multi-stage crushing process and crushing device, is characterized by its large work force, high production efficiency and fine crushing capacity.
Seven, by the host machine, fan, parser, a set of powder, dust, and other components. Various components of structure compact reasonable layout, its prominent feature is easy, safe, good sealing, small noise.


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