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Small flour electromechanical machine fault diagnosis method

1. shake table measuring Earth resistance troubleshooting
Small flour, flour grinding machine motors runs when there is a failure, 0-500v low-voltage Megger measuring three-phase winding resistance. Pillar three-phase wiring apart, such as the measured resistance is 0, you can diagnose faults in stator coil to ground. Such as the measured resistance is too large, but on the motor does have signs of burnout, winding, interphase short-circuit faults can be diagnosed. Because the glass slot insulating paper insulation is not damaged, so grounded.
2. drag multimeter measuring line troubleshooting
Small flour milling machines with a ordinary multimeter, flour machine motor winding wire resistance measurement, such as when designing a large measure of line resistance than the original, for the fault of insufficient output power can be diagnosed; line resistance when the sizes as measured, for the fault of three-phase current imbalance can be diagnosed; such as measured by hours of line resistance than the original design, is the fault of stator coil short circuit can be diagnosed.
3. clamp meter to measure current troubleshooting
With ordinary clamp for small flour, flour machine motor current measurement. Such as three-phase current range in size from clearly is the three-phase current unbalance fault than rated current hours, insufficient output power failures can be diagnosed; when larger than the rated current, for damaged bearing failure can be diagnosed; when there are fluctuations in current sizes, for rotor swept hearth failure can be diagnosed.
4. sound differential diagnosis
With must length of metal baculovirus real do "stethoscope", listen defence small flour machine, mill flour machine, motor run sound changes of differences diagnosis fault category, baculovirus real sophisticated placed in motor bearing end cover Department, heard of sound sharp or thick rustle rings, can diagnosis for bearing damaged or deficiency oil fault; heard has iron Zhijian friction shaped of Hula Hoop sound, can diagnosis for bearing ran both within and outside the ring fault, baculovirus real sophisticated placed in motor shell body surface, heard high frequency friction intermittent sound or high frequency impact sound, can diagnosis for rotor run sweep bore fault ; If large and lengthy buzzing sound high frequency changes for an electrical fault. Any of these failures, if not promptly ruled out and letting it go, could cause the motor to burn out.


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