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Flour machine maintenance and service

Bringing a powder machine maintenance is important part of production operations, flour grinding machine maintenance and repair work is good or bad, directly affect the efficiency of equipment, and related to the flour milling of the economic and technical indicators. To do this, you must do the following:
1, various transmission parts must be securing reliable, removal or installation using special tools, is barred from Bishop tools, such as direct hit.
2, and does not forget check pneumatic components, FMFQ type mill machine power Hou, to often check gas road in the all pneumatic components, gas road and the connection Department is has leak or damage, while to check supply pressure is meet requirements, on synchronization with of using situation also to often check, if found had tight, and had pine, and beat, and run partial, and wear serious, situation, should timely adjustment, and maintenance or replaced. Oil mist in gas source triplets to regularly check the amount of oil in storage, must be 20# spindle oil, so as to avoid pipe hole plug.
3, check the oil, FMFY-bringing a powder machine oil pump with oil, according to temperature, mechanical oil, high or low selection of 20th-40th, or other viscosity hydraulic oil, oil every six months to check 1, clear impurities in the oil.
4, regular and orderly replacement rollers, rollers cannot be replaced too much at a time and roll cannot be differences too large in diameter, roll angle, tilt, gear will be consistent with the provisions, to have a certain amount of tooth surface. Rollers taper to accurately and in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs required, the surface roughness to uniform. After replacing the roller should be according to the system requirements of the mill, with a feeler gauge to check, from rough rolling.
5, always check the bearing temperature, if the temperature is too high, you should check the transmission parts and lubrication is normal, rolling distance is too tight. Identified in a timely manner, take the appropriate measures, when a serious condition should check out.
6, always check the drive belt tension and belt too loose will reduce transmission efficiency and impact of ground effects, over tightening can cause bearing heat, increasing power consumption, reducing the service life of the belt.



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