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Study on the grinding technology of wheat flour

With the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, increasing demand for high quality, multi-varieties of food, which provides basic raw materials for the food industry flour milling enterprises put forward higher requirements.

Due to the special process adaptation has unique quality characteristics of wheat flour and, therefore, flour processing business to produce a variety of different specifications of wheat flour will involve many problem, such as production, flour milling equipment, raw materials, additives, etc. This article focuses on the production technology and equipment for special-purpose material of wheat, wheat flour and wheat flour processing after analysis and discussion:
1, raw wheat
2, process equipment
Various types of flour milling Enterprise only has the advanced production technology and milling equipment, conditions for wheat flour production, regardless of its condition, blind horses, the wheat flour quality is not guaranteed, difficult market competitiveness.
After 3, flour processing

Flour Hou processing main is to flour of quality index as focus analysis object, under various Foundation powder of quality features in accordance with must ratio for reasonable match, and for Foundation powder and dedicated powder exists of quality differences, by science reasonable using flour quality improved agent for improved, to baking culture or cooking experimental of results as eventually of evaluation standard, guarantee products quality meet food processing by needed food dedicated powder of requirements. After the flour processing technology, balanced in favour of product quality stability and a more flexible configuration of multiple special-purpose wheat flour, enhancing the ability to adapt and respond to market.



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