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Elevator bucket as a common lifting equipment

Elevator bucket as a common lifting equipment, a wide range of applications, main uses and application of elevator bucket is shown below:

Elevator bucket main characteristic:1. wide range of promotion, this type of hoist on the kinds, characteristics of the materials require less, will not only enhance the generally small granular and powder raw materials, but also to improve abrasion materials with large. tightness good, less environmental pollution.2. driving small-induced by using inflow feeding, unloading, large-capacity hopper-intensive layout. material upgrade almost back and digging, therefore less reactive power.3. long life,-hoist feeding into, without digging material, rare extrusion and collision phenomena between the materials. This machine at design time that few shades when material feeding, unloading, reducing mechanical wear.4. run good reliability, advanced design principles and methods of processing, ensure the reliability of the machine running, trouble-free for more than 20,000 hours. High lifting height. elevator running smoothly, so you can achieve a higher lift height.

Elevator bucket Hopper: light-Hopper: conveying material moist and easy caking or difficult to throw. Such as wet sand, wet, such as coal.



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