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Outline of fabrication of elbow

Elbow made mainly of the following steps :
Stewed bending:
 pipe into the elbow, generally refers to the metal tube for Hydro professional and electrical PVC stuffing tube;
Stewed elbow:
metal elbows to the water system, small-diameter elbow can be stewed bent get;
Leng Wan/rewan:
General small-diameter elbow bending processing gain; requires bending of large diameter. Stewed bending process generally refers to the scene complete.
Stamped elbows:
 engineered water systems use most (especially large diameter) can purchase the finished product elbow, processing method is stamping, product uniformity well.
Pushing elbows:
 in contact with machinery in the late 80 + tube + push the medium frequency induction heating method for die steel elbows for process, but later is probably inside and outside the wall thickness is not easy to control, uncommon practice.
Fabrication of bend is strictly executed according to national quality standards.




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