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Elevator Bucket

1).Elevator Bucket
Bucket elevators are in the main used primarily to move high volumes of material and furthermore these devices can also move bulk volumes hour after hour without breaking down. One look at these items of equipment will show you that such devices are essentially conveyor belts that have buckets that have been attached to them.
These elevators can move vertically and they can also be made to slant at angles and of course they can also be used for horizontal transportation. It all depends on how these items of equipment are designed. Speaking of design, the buckets must be made in a manner that ensures that they can be made to swivel in a manner so that the elevator never loses their vertical alignment and so is made to stay upright at all times.
Furthermore, these devices must not allow spillage and the edges need to be scooped so as to ensure that when dragged through material that is to be transported that they can pick up the material during the dragging process. Typically, materials that need to be transported in bucket elevators include items such as fertilizer, ores as well as grains.

2). Elevator Buckets to contain the material; 2. A belt to carry the buckets and transmit the pull;

3. Means to drive the belt; 4. Accessories for loading the buckets or picking up the material, for receiving the discharged material, for maintaining the belt tension and for enclosing and protecting the elevator.

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