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Grain Nutrient Retention With The Nutrimill Grain Grinder

While there are plenty of reasons to use a kitchen mill to grind your own grains in your kitchen, many people are realizing the benefits to their health to baking fresh ground wheat products. When a grain is first milled, the inner part of the grain is put in contact with air, permitting rotting of the grain's protein pack, or wheat germ to begin. in the same manner as an apple will remain good to eat for many days as long as the skin of the fruit is undamaged, wheat grains will stay wholesome for many years if the hull of the grain is not milled. This is one clear reason why the wheat flour produced by a Nutrimill Grain Grinder must be consumed at once to ensure the smallest level of nutrient loss.

Within a short time, the ground flour will sour as the protein pack begins to decay.Flour that is offered ground in bulk is storable for months due to bleaching with chemicals like potassium bromate or chlorine dioxide to bleach out the wheat color and greatly enhance the shelf life. Abominably, this also removes almost all of the needed nutrients that should be found in breads forever. Here are some percentages:

Processed Bread Compared to Home Ground Whole Wheat Bread is Missing:78% of Dietary Fiber72% of magnesium50% of Folic Acid72% of Chromium78% of Vitamin B-6

Both the leaching of the grain's protein pack and the bleaching process do irreprable harm to the nutrients that are in and of the grains. This is a direct cause of the recent surge in home wheat grinders like the Nutrimill Grain Grinder. Everyone has always thought for years that the grinding of grain and the baking of bread from scratch is over the the scope of the average home baker, but the "facts" couldn't be more wrong. Plenty of bulk grain co-ops across the land are providing {easy|simple|quick and cheap access to wheat while the consumer market has produced many inexpensive wheat mills such as the Nutrimill Grain Grinder.

Keeping your own grains in the natural state and milling the grain only as needed for a specific batch of bread will allow that you and your loved ones receive all of nutrients from the whole grains. leftover flour can also be placed in the freezer and stored for several weeks, plus baked products can be made beyond normal usage and frozen for delayed enjoyment. Not only will the body, flavor and fiber of your breads significantly raise, the nutrients remaining will be brought back to the correct ammounts.

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