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Acrylic tube of the flour milling

1).Acrylic tube
The flour milling main products are cotton sifter pads,nylon filter mesh,sieve cleaner,elevator bucket,acrylic tube etc..
These acrylic tubes are available in both, extruded and cast forms. An extruded tubing is available in sizes: id 6 to 46 mm, od 10 to 51 mm. Again, a cast tubing is available in clear crystal . Standard length for cast tubing is 600 mm. Cast tubing is available from 70 to 310 mm od, in 3, 4, 5 mm and above wall thickness. Main characteristics: crystal clear, uv stabilized, tough and impact resistant, chemical resistant. An acrylic tube is used for chemicals, flour mills, textiles, electrical, interior decoration and other commercial uses; and for dental equipment, engineering craft articles, screen printing, packing an advertising, etc.
2). Acrylic tube Product Specification/Models
Acrylic tube, transparent color , is widely used in a very wide range of Chemical industry, Military Industry, Enviromental protection, Advertising decoration, Interior decoration, lamps and lanterns decoration, aquatium exhibits, Crafts Gifts, Scientific research, Instructional equipment, Instrument equipment, toys...etc.There are casting tube and extruded tubes,high-quality products. The special size according to customers request. Length 2meters, 1meters, thickness 3mm, 4mm,

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