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Sieve Cleaner

 A sieve cleaner for a sieve frame for flat sifters comprising a sieve covering and a bottom, the sieve cleaner comprising: a foot and a plurality of cleaning heads, said heads being configured to move erratically on the bottom of the sieve frame in response to a vibrating movement of the sieve frame, wherein at least one of the foot and at least a part of the foot closest to the cleaning heads, resiliently supports the sieve cleaner such that the cleaning heads are under an elastic initial tension against the sieve covering, wherein the foot of the sieve cleaner is arranged so as to be offset with respect to the cleaning heads, and the part of the foot closest to the cleaning heads is located between these cleaning heads and the center of gravity of the sieve cleaner, wherein a majority of the cleaning heads are arranged essentially in one row, and a spacer having one of no cleaning heads and fewer cleaning heads than are in said one row, projects to one side away from the row of cleaning heads, and wherein the spacer forms a foot which is offset on the whole with respect to the row of cleaning heads and defines at least two support points which are arranged at a distance from one another on a straight line perpendicular to the row of cleaning heads.

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