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Steel silo production machines

Steel silo production machines

  • Material:steel
  • Model: Steel silo production machines

Machine Usage and Appearance
1.The molding machine: will bend and the preliminary processing molding materials, but at the same time, materials bend silo required the radian of diameters.
2.Bend machine: the shaping and cooperate with good materials bend and bite, rolling together, become a spiral bite of the cylinder body.



Working principle
Spiral bend principle spiral edge steel silo build technology is the world's most advanced steel warehouse construction technology, construction methods it unique: when construction will be 495 mm wide plate by the uncoiler into molding machine rolling into the geometric shape, again through the bend machine bend, bite , around the silo form a 30 mm-40 mm wide, continuous around the spiral convex,play in article structure strengthening silos the intensity of the role. For the material of different two materials, spiral edge steel silo construction equipment also can realize double bend construction.


Machine operation steps
Bend bite suture machine- →to bond pillar framework in place–→ machine decoiler in place.
Step1: bend bite suture machine on steel and the cylinder body (the wall) of circles (round a line of school used the coincidence ). At the same time calculated the spiral of the machine, at the end of a leg down under proper pad.
Step2: the prop, the frame before connection,pillar according to the requirements should be adjusted. On the requirements to build silo (pool wall) of circles, the wheel support along the circumference of the projection and point with long term shall coincide with the school (fall). From the bend bite machine counterclockwise, interval 1.6 meters installed a pillars, has been installed at the last root and bite maching bound together form a closed framework. Pillar is building steel warehouse (pool) is the important support parts quality and safety of the important link,therefore in the installation must level (note: with each of the root of spiral liters).
Step3: molding machine in principle on bite machine suture machine clockwise about 5-6 metres near the silos (pool) the inside edge.
Step4: uncoiler in 2-3 meters after molding maching, main effect is the upper placed 495 mm wide plate.
Such HD-40 steel belt molding bite suture until in place finished, already has started  working conditions. But in order to ensure the quality and safety, should also be idle operation commissioning ten minutes to check the working of the machine. And then feed forming 4 meters long two paragraphs. Artificial closed the up and down into the bite, and in two suture machine for the steel plate after the bite bite muscle place, cutting, grinding wheel to see after sampling to bite the quality to have decided to formally boot operation.


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