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Sprial edge steel silo building equipment

Sprial edge steel silo building equipment

  • Material:steel
  • Model:Sprial edge steel silo building equipment

A new generation of circular plate S prial edge steel silo building equipment -40 type (HD for warehouse size 6 to 24 m) and HD30 type (for warehouse diameter 3 to 8 m) steel belt molding bite suture units.
HD-40 type steel belt molding bite suture unit,is in Germany-SM40LIPP type units,and on the basis of the latest innovative design out market products, and LIPP-SM40 type units (the pu type steel plate is spiral plate warehouse warehouse) have the same function, more market competitiveness. Its advantage is that convenient operation and mainrenance, and reduce the different specifications diameter fixtures, the save machine installation is in place, and to reduce the time the cost of construction of the project on select material,high strength of the alloy steel, the service life of the machine is long. 


Steel warehouses development and storage characteristics contrast
1.The general situation of the development
Initial stage of the steel plate warehouse is riveting type, with 6~12 mm steel riveting. The warehouse FeiGong take time,although has now knocked out, but is very stable.
The second stage of the steel plate warehouse is welding type.Along with the progress of the welding technology,people use 4 to 612 mm steel welding warehouse.Welding warehouse air tightness very good,because wall thickness,thus intensity can build a few higher,use fixed number of year is long,as long as the proper maintenance,usable 50 to 80 years.
The third phase of the steel plate warehouse is thin wall warehouse.The most common is fabricated corrugated steel bolts storehouse.Because these warehouse is light weight,convenient assembly,can tear open change,cheap,mechanization,a high degree of automation,,easy to use,the efficiency high characteristic,by the agriculture and animal husbandry industry welcome.In 1968 the German pudong development and clear with SM type special equipment to build spiral double edge steel plate (hereinafter referred to as the warehouse PuCang).In 1969,Germany built the first spiral edge steel capsule.China's steel warehouse since 1983 has developed have taken initial shape.Production spiral plate edge storehouse,also have fabricated steel production bolts storehouse.


 2.Spiral plate edge warehouse characteristics:

1)the overall good performance and long service life
Screw steel silo edge in the building process, complete the special equipment construction,rolled in process, warehouse in vitro wall made a bit five times in 30 mm thickness materials -40 mm wide spiral convex, is greatly enhanced article storehouse the bearing capacity of the body,make the spiral edge of steel silo overall strength,stability,vibrate resistance is superior to other warehouse.In additon,it still can use anticorrosion performance especially strong material,which can make it more than other storehouse of life long.


2)Gas tightness performance good, wide application
Spiral edge steel silo due to the special equipment bend, bite, in process can ensure the quality of any part of the body of the storehouse, so it is particularly good, if sealed storage food can meet pesticides, fumigation process requirement, and stored it in accordance with the solid and liquid materials properties and process requirement, in DuoZhong materials select any cylinder body materials , which makes it can be in food, brewing, industrial applications, urban and rural and  industrial sewage purification field and widely used in agriculture.


3)Build short time, low cost
Spiral edge steel silo field construction, warehouse top ground installation. Spiral edge steel silo building equipment forming, meander-line speed can reach 5m/points, do not need to take the scaffold and other auxiliary facilities, and time is very short. Spiral edge steel silo can all with thin steel plate, the weight equivalent to only with capacity of reinforced concrete storehouse, greatly reduce weight the cost. In addition, because it can use double deck bending twists cylinder body will be the two different materials bend,forming, can a greatly reduced used in chemical industry, and environmental protection, strong corrosion material storage industry project cost.

4)Cover an area of an area small, easy to management
Spiral edge steel silo and other steel plate, height, different positions in the larger diameter can be within the range of the arbitrary choice. The distance between two warehouse minimum to 500 mm, can make full use of space, reduce cover an area of an area. Spiral edge steel silo a high degree of automation, match again with temperature, level and other equipment, user management rise very convenient.



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