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Dust Removal Filter Bags

Filter bag, dust bag, dust bag removal, they almost have the same function: the industrial fabric is made from heavy duty material, all textile based filters, dust removal systems, pollution control filter or in any process. Anyang Yitong  billion can custom design and manufacture of filter bags to meet your needs by checking the sample, prints, sketches or verbal descriptions. Anyang Yitong  also provides a variety of bag dust removal, and can recommend an improvement of the original OEM bags. Multi-pocket, double precision, bin vents or any other type of sewn bag can easily duplicate.

Anyang Yitong  billion dust removal filter bag production process of precision, to ensure ease of installation and change the size. Under normal circumstances, dust collector filter bags are designed to mount and firmly in place with the management unit, cable, cuffs or clamps to ensure dust-sealed gaskets. All kinds of coatings and finishes can be applied on either side of the bag dust collector, to improve cleanliness and efficiency, as well as longer service life. Ground, anti-sloughing of the ring and other options can be easily incorporated into bag construction.


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