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The elevator bucket

The obvious and best way to hauling flowable bulk materials is by the use of elevator bucket . Once called "Grain Leg", the Bucket Elevator has come a long way. Today it can be used for large or fine, heavy or light material, and will increase the efficiency of your business one hundredfold.

Elevator  Buckets are simply buckets for containing material, belts to carry the buckets, means to drive the belt, and accessories for loading buckets or picking up materials, also for receiving the discharged material. Bucket Elevators can be vertical or inclined to suit your needs.

Current construction is usually plastic elevator bucket, pulleys, several feet in diameter used at the top and bottom - the top pulley being driven by an electric motor. However there is still a choice of buckets, from plastic, stainless steel bucket, reinforced, or fabricated for special purposes. There are also choices of drive options, and choices of belts. Belts can be manufactured to be oil and fat resistant, heat resistant and suitable for food and drink industries. Some materials will require a chain belt. There is also a choice of finish to suit all industries.

You might find that you need a bespoke conveyor system designed to do exactly what you want it to do. This is possible and there are many conveyor design and engineering companies that will do this for you. Generally, even poor flowing materials can be moved successfully these type of elevators. The speed of the materials can vary according to the material and your choice of elevator.

Bucket Elevators save manpower and man time, and no matter how small your business is, speeding it up will not only please your clients in this fast moving world, but will please you as you will be in a position to take on and fulfil more orders, thus boosting your turnover. For more information on Elevator  Buckets please visit

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