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Grains are processed into flour for shelf storage

Grains are processed into flour for shelf storage, however, most of the 'parts' of the grain are removed to slow spoilage time. When those things are disposed of, the flour is stripped of the Wheat Bran, Middlings, Wheat Germ and Wheat Germ oil. As we see that list, we see at least three things that are now sold in health food stores across the globe. The Bran and Middlings produce the fiber (and more), the Germ and oil produce the vitamin E (and more), two things missing in the normal diet of the twentieth century.

Worse than what is removed, may also be what is added to the bagged flour. To make the popular white appearance of flour, the first process used by manufacturers was really chlorine bleach! Although new chemicals and processes have now been approved, chemicals of any kind were not ever intended to be IN the grain itself. The list of what was stripped from the now fluffy flour is so long that manufacturers now feel the need to 'enrich' it with synthetic vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are just that - synthesized, not natural. Why add a 'fake' vitamin for a natural one that was taken away in processing? Enough said.

The list of reasons to mill fresh flour from the whole natural grain goes on and on. We have barely scratched the surface in trying to clarify why it is best for you and your family. For more reasons, education and information to explain why you mill at home, or if you are even thinking about it, read some of our other articles on benefits to milling at home. Hopefully this tip will help you at least clarify some things to friends or family members who think you've slipped back into the dark ages.

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